Eat, Shop and Be Merry

It’s Restaurant Week in Baltimore, and you are contemplating where to go. There is the allure of indulging in specials at favorites like Cypriana and Wicked Sisters, while the bucket list of “gotta tries” issues their siren calls. A full meal at Bar Vasquez might be in the offing, or perhaps you can round up enough artsy-foodies to take over a large table at Encantada to so you can collectively make it through the whole “small plates” menu. (Because really, any one of those is a full meal when eating on your own.)

A table at Encantada is waiting for you…but make reservations fast. It’s Baltimore Restaurant week after all.

The $35 dinners and $20 lunches make it a reasonable proposition to try several establishments this week, as does the fact that you just spent a mere $15 to get three pairs of flip flops (which usually go for $19.99 each) at J.Crew. Their summer sales, happily promoted in your email box every morning, have reached a fever pitch. As did the fact that your closet was completely bereft of any open-toed, flat-soled footwear. (Hit their Harbor East location for instant gratification, and to maybe find one of the last Meghan/Pippa clutches.)

That situation could be overlooked during the past week or so of rain. But the sun is coming out tomorrow. So show your toes, and your face, and enjoy yourself.

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