Express Gratitude: The Art of the Thank-You Note

A weekend house is an objective you never quite had the resources or wherewithal to pursue with any diligence yourself.

notecard with pencils
Social media isn’t just digital: Color-your-own notecards from Jen Aranyi Designs make for lovely personalized thank-you notes.

Summer weekends being what they are, however, you gladly accept invitations to others’ houses.

Such outings, in addition to bringing the joy of time with dear friends, remind you that is there as much art to being a house guest as a host:

  • Arrive on time.
  • Bring a little something. (Items from your Adventures in Canning work well.)
  • Align your schedule to that of your hosts. (Do not let your post-tennis-and-swim nap make everyone late to the dinner party down the road!)
  • And for goodness sake, send a thank-you note (on paper) afterward.

The color-your-own cards from Jen Aranyi (available at B. Willow) serve this last objective quite well. Besides the fact that you can choose a palette that reflects that of your hosts’ home, the hand-doneness of it all conveys that you appreciate the effort they made to make you feel welcome and at ease. It’s a little of your time given back in gratitude.

And with any luck, you might just get invited there again.

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