Get a Vogue-Ready End-of-Summer Outfit for under $25

Vogue has kindly endorsed your favorite end-of-summer go-to: White jeans. With two weeks left to wear them (you do adhere to that old Labor Day dictum), there’s still time to both flaunt and update them.

The Pinnable top-half you’ve picked: T-shirt and academy blazer. Just right for a Friday night. However, the likelihood of you ever spending $2600 on a blazer is about the same as the 2018 Orioles winning a game. You’re looking for an alternative with a couple less zeros at the end. And so, it’s to the consignment store you go.

Is, of course, already a servicable t-shirt in your closet (but, if you needed a new one, you’d go to Target and get one for about five bucks.) You considered the academy blazer on sale at Gap Factory, but then remembered The Wise Penny has a vertible wearhouse of men’s blazers and such for $15 each. And so you found the perfect one.

And then this happened.

You were zipping down York Road and spied a newish secondhand store, Illicit Rag Vintage. And someone graciously pulled out from the parking space smack in front of the store, so you had absolutely no excuse not to go in and check it out.

Definitely working a slightly trendier vibe than Wise Penny, still with great prices and some very cool finds. Such as this very perfect leather trench coat for $64. Consider this your fall fashion preview.

Illicit Rag Vintage, 5702 Bellona Ave, Baltimore

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