Chalk Marks in the Rain: Madonnari Arts Festival |Little Italy Baltimore

It’s been too darn hot. Too hot to even go out to eat, at least that’s what your favorite restauranteurs have been saying. This weekend ‘s showers may cool things down, and despite the falling rain, you think it would be great to go check out the Madonnari Arts Festival in Little Italy.

Now, some may believe that that going to enjoy an outdoor festival focused on the traditional art of chalk painting on a potentially rainy weekend is oxymoronic, to say the least.

But part of the beauty of chalk paintings is their ephemeral nature. Laborously, lovingly produced in vivid 3D detail, they exist just for a moment in time. So, like with cherry blossoms, summer tomatoes and other momentary joys, chalk paintings should be enjoyed not despite their short-lived existence, but because of it.

And hey, if it starts raining while you are there, dash into one of the many excellent restaurants of Baltimore’s Little Italy. Get a glass of Chianti. Maybe a plate of pasta with mushroom sauce. you hear the one at Sabatino’s is excellent.

Madonnari Arts Festival | About Us
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