Hair Today: Not Your Mother’s Naturals Hair Products

Finding the right hair products is a task matched only by balancing the federal budget, achieving lasting peace in the Middle East or, perhaps, proving the existence of God.



In the category of proving the existence of a Goddess, perhaps, are the hair products from Not Your Mother’s Naturals. Besides being free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens and even gluten (really?) , the fact is, they freaking work. Like you have never had hair products work before.

The line is broad enough to play the “switch up every 4 to 6 weeks” rule you learned in your 20s, as well as to address your hair’s current needs (like your skin, it changes with the weather and the season).

img_1107Right now, you are grooving on the Linseed, Chia Blend and Plum Seed Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Linseed and chia seed reputably encourage hair growth; plum seed oil is a nutrient rich moisturizer. Combined, they give your hair more bounce and shine than you can recall it having in years. Bonus: Your hair stays amazingly clean and manageable in-between shampoos.


Assisting in keeping your tresses fresh and bouncy: NYM’s Dead Sea Salt and Kelp “Beach Babe” spray. Give your hair a few spritzes in the morning, then twist into a bun or tuck into a chingon, and it behaves all day — no humidity frizzes or oil-slick limpness. (The spray is especially great for a post-work out refresh, as well.) And when you’re ready to let your hair down, it’s on point. Nice.

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