Poshmark.com: Vintage and Resale Finds at Your Fingertips

If your style runs toward the classic and your pocketbook toward the conservative, you probably already know the joys of the consignment shop. Let others pay full price; you’re good with wearing it next season.

But in a season where Alexander Wang is rocking black leather like it was 1979, Michael Kors is pulling trench coats from the trenches, and everyone, especially Sara Battaglia, is channeling 1940s Hollywood with high-waisted, wide-legged pants, no matter what your definition of “classic” is, there’s a look you want to work RIGHT NOW.


Alexander Wang’s zipped up leather. Michael Kors’ camel leather trench. Sara Battagalia’s red leather high waisted pants. Did we mention there’s a lot of leather this season? Photos: Vogue.com


You work the local boutiques, and sometimes the shopping gods grace you with a classic Etienne Aigner leather coat for under $70. Or the perfect glen plaid men’s blazer, for a mere $15. But let’s face it, the vintage hunt takes precious time and effort, and shopping for a specific item is hit or miss at best.

On the Mark, Get Posh, Go

Enter Poshmark.com. Sign up, and you have a searchable, sortable marketplace of secondhand finds at incredible prices. Like a pair of FERRAGAMO pumps. In your size. For 29 bucks. (Breathe. Just breathe.)

Ferragamo patent-on-leather spectator-style pumps
Ferragamo pumps found on Poshmark. Not reselling!

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Besides saving you the agony of paying full price, Poshmark provides a robust search function that allows you to hone in on offers that match your desires, along with personal shoppers who’ll scour the site on your behalf as well. Love a piece, but think it’s still beyond your budget? Make the seller a counteroffer, or like it and wait for them to offer you a price cut or free shipping (this happens amazingly quickly on many items).

Best of all, you can open your own shop on Poshmark in just minutes and clear your closet of all the worn-once, outgrown-yet-still-in good-shape and why-did-I-think-I’d-ever-wear-this pieces hogging up valuable hanger space. And of course, that frees up your wallet to invest in new pieces. (But sorry, there is no liklihood of the Ferragmao shoes making a reappearance there soon.)

Happy (bargain) hunting, folks.


Disclaimer: Rooted in Joy will be opening its own Poshmark shop soon.

Want to stay on top of the trends so you know what to scoop up before everyone else does? Try the Vogue Runway app.

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