What to Do This Weekend: Facing the Storm

For the past 48 hours, there has been no escaping Hurricane Florence. Or at least news, projections and warnings about it: Considerate and concerned preparedness emails from schools and businesses; cable-station weatherpeople trying to mask their excitement as they get top of the hour placement; and yes, the nearly incessant “severe weather warnings” from your phone.

So, check. You know there is a storm coming. Whether it will actually hit your locale or that of personal friends and family is unclear; you do hope that those clearly in the storm track have been able to board up and get out in time. Hurricanes are messy business.

And that means there will be people hurt, homeless and in need of help come Monday. So if you do not need to put your proactive nature to work by securing your own abode and family, think about hold a party. Yes, a party. One to raise funds for those who will be needing them in a couple of days.

Note that we didn’t say gather supplies or prepare care packages. As well-intentioned as that might seem, the experts advise that you’re more than likely to create problems than help. Donate through the American Red Cross or other reputable organizations.

If anyone needs a reminder, Baltimore happens to be home to Johns Hopkins Medicine, which in turn is home to CEPAR, the Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response. During last year’s twin strikes of Harvey and Irma, Hopkins provided Smart Ways to Lend a Hand for those who wish to help from afar during natural disasters. These guidelines are just as relevant this weekend as they were a year ago. Check them out.

Stay safe y’all.


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