Coat Crazed: Donate for a Discount at J. Crew

Hello, Sweater Weather! So glad you actually arrived…although your cousin Coat Conditions followed on your heels so quickly that we’re scrambling for outerwear!

Okay, yeah, we could drag out the fleece athleticwear pullovers and zip ups. But when confronted with the current crop of coats — from fuzzy faux fur to classic Italian wool — at J. Crew, we’re given to remember we live in a city, not the mountains. And really, if dressing in urban duds when hiking the Appalachian trail is laughable, isn’t the converse — showing up in camping gear at the office — equally nonsensical?

Best of all, the current promotions make acquiring one (or several) economically viable. There’s the up-to-40% online discount (sign up for the emails, folks) as well as a do-good-to-look-good in-store promotion. Bring in a gently-worn coat and get $25 off purchases of $125 or more.

Live in Baltimore? Bring yours to the Harbor East store starting 10/27, and your favorite Joyful blogger will help you find just the right thing. (Disclaimer: Yes, that means The Editrix is putting in holiday-season hours down there. Losing 50 pounds necessitates creative ways of rebuilding a wardrobe. As does having an obsession with the Crew’s current collections!)

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